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Party Pictures

From Studio 54 to Cannes 2000

December 13, 2000 – January 6, 2001

Party Pictures

Group exhibition Jessica Craig-Martin Larry Fink Paul Graham Tod Papageorge Andy Warhol Garry Winogrand

Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren Fine Art is pleased to present a thematic group exhibition entitled Party Pictures: From Studio 54 to Cannes 2000, on view from December 13, 2000 through January 6, 2001. The exhibition will feature party photographs - from cocktails and openings to early morning ‘raves’ and all day ‘happenings’.

The camera is an ever-present guest at parties. Here, each photographer offers a selective - and sometimes voyeuristic – take on society, from the exclusive (movie premieres) to the communal (raves). Beginning with vintage black and white photographs of museum openings by Garry Winogrand and Larry Fink’s classic Social Graces series, the show hops to Studio 54, shot by the Andy Warhol and Tod Papageorge. The Warhol snapshots a-la Interview Magazine, will be exhibited for the first time. Larry Fink’s studied and refined black and white images of carousing fashionistas are in high contrast to Jessica Craig-Martin’s colorful and critical eye towards contemporary celebrity filled soirees. Paul Graham’s portraits of solitary, ‘dazed’ ravers (from his ‘End of an Age’ series) offer the sobering antidote to the proceedings.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full-color foldout brochure with a text by Robert Nickas.