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Anthony Caro


November 20 – December 27, 2003

Anthony Caro

Solo exhibition

Artemis · Greenberg Van Doren · Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of sculptures by British artist Sir Anthony Caro. The exhibition, on view from November 20 through December 27, marks the eve of this internationally pre-eminent artist’s 80th birthday.

Caro holds an important position in post-war art, having expanded upon the tradition of constructed and welded sculpture established by Picasso in the first half of the 20th century. He was among the first artists to create sculptures that extended out along the ground, independent of or simultaneously incorporating a base or pedestal. This major shift in concept - the prevailing horizontality and the dialogue between sculpture, base, and ground – has influenced subsequent generations of sculptors, from Richard Serra and Joel Shapiro to younger artists such as Evan Holloway and Mark Handforth.

The show will feature a dozen small-to-moderately sized sculptures, in bronze and steel, dating from the 70s to the 90s. Included in the exhibition are works from several series: 'Floor Pieces', 'Table Pieces', and 'Writing Pieces'. What connects these works from different periods is Caro's inventive language of form that is consistently lyrical and poetic.