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Jackie Saccoccio


March 2012


Teaming a portrait motif together with her signature imagelessness, the artist has created a serialized group of abstract Portraits: via gravity and barely mediated gesture, an anthropomorphic presence emerges in each work from among the poured, splashed and stained pigment. At the center of each painting is a focal point, bolstered by the surrounding marks. As much an occluded face in foreground as an opening into the painting’s illusive backdrop, the motive composition allows each work to become sphinxlike and shrug classification. Saccoccio deliberately tunes some paintings’ palettes to channel specific historic works; seen in installation, the serialized group of works suggest a never-ending procession (phalanx) of abstract paintings who gaze back at their viewers.


Texts by Alexi Worth

ISBN 978-0-9848707-0-9

Softcover, 32 pages

Out of Print