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Jack Tworkov

Tworkov: Towards Nirvana / Works from the 70s

January 2021


Tworkov: Towards Nirvana / Works from the 70s, an exhibition and catalogue of striking, structured geometric works. This is the gallery’s first one-person exhibition of the artist since announcing exclusive representation of the Estate of Jack Tworkov and includes material produced by the artist in the 1970s that has never been shown or reproduced. The exhibition arrives during a renewal of interest in the artist noted for his moral purpose, intellect, and discipline. This fully illustrated 76 page catalogue includes  an incisive, revelatory essay by Jason Andrew, a reprint of Tworkov’s On My Outlook as a Painter: A Memoir, published in Leonardo, International Journal of the Contemporary Artist (Spring 1974), and a rare series of photographs by Norma Holt of the artist in his studio.


Essay by Jason Andrew

Softcover, 76 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7325933-3-6