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Daisy Youngblood

Tender Mercy(s): Early and Late Works in Clay

September 2021


Daisy Youngblood. Tender Mercy(s): Early and Late Works in Clay, a survey of haunting animal and human forms made of low-fired clay. This is the gallery’s first one-person exhibition of the artist since announcing representation and includes rarely seen or reproduced material made by the artist between 1977 and 2020. Youngblood is noted for an affecting, mystical body of sculpture made slowly through deep immersion with changing form. Since the 1970s she has received critical attention for her work in clay and in cast bronze. The survey will be accompanied by a rare interview conducted by Miani Johnson, who in 1979 showed the artist for the very first time at the legendary Willard Gallery (1940-1987) in New York City.


Interview between Miani Johnson & Daisy Youngblood

Harcover, 36 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7325933-5-0