Total Body Conditioning

Mika Tajima

October 2015


In her mixed-media practice, Mika Tajima combines sculpture, painting, video, music and performance, drawing on contradictions of modernist design and architecture to interrogate the built environment in which the maximised performing subject is shaped and managed.


The artist draws inspiration from many different fields as she investigates the performative potential of sculptural objects and the complexities of collaborative production. Tajima also works collaboratively under the moniker New Humans, including projects with Vito Acconci, Charles Atlas, Judith Butler and C Spencer Yeh, among others.


Published in collaboration with Eleven Rivington, Total Body Conditioning is an illustrated overview, exploring the artist’s practice and methodologies with generous full-page illustrations of her work including her polychromatic textile portrait series Negative Entropy and Furniture Art ambient paintings.


Softcover, 80 Pages

Author Matthew Lyons

ISBN: 978-1-908966-97-1